annual compensation

Annual Compensation

Whether or not landowners will continue to receive annual compensation for well sites is in jeopardy. We shall explain why all landowners are going to lose annual compensation they enjoy. Whitecap Resources Inc. claims: Landowners are not entitled to receive annual compensation Operations do not have to be regulatory compliant Here is a link to[…]

Armisie Field

Armisie Field

Last Updated on February 23, 2020 TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Work Within the Armisie (Oil) Field – a Potentially Explosive Matter Landowners and residents in  Edmonton Cameron Heights and Windermere neighborhoods have likely noticed that construction of the TransMountain Expansion Pipeline, Spread 1, has commenced in the general area of Armisie Field in Urban Edmonton.  Armisie[…]


Article on (1) possible Constitutional Crisis – Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline; and (2) common threads with Orphan Well “Redwater” Appeal. The above Article suggests landowners and municipalities can work together to restore the rule of law in Alberta as to energy matters, and suggests means to do so. Article on the Supreme Court of Canada[…]