Armisie Field

Armisie Field

Last Updated on February 23, 2020 TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Work Within the Armisie (Oil) Field – a Potentially Explosive Matter Landowners and residents in  Edmonton Cameron Heights and Windermere neighborhoods have likely noticed that construction of the TransMountain Expansion Pipeline, Spread 1, has commenced in the general area of Armisie Field in Urban Edmonton.  Armisie[…]

Our Actions

A primary focus is on unsafe tank battery operations conducted on insufficient surface areas. Oil and gas operators are required by law to enforce the provisions of applicable regulations governing necessary surface area. This has been overlooked by the Alberta Energy Regulator and the Alberta Surface Rights Board. We are involved in actions in three[…]


Administrative Tribunals Surface rights are governed by legislation in effect in Alberta, primarily the Surface Rights Act. The Alberta Surface Rights Board, an administrative tribunal established under the Surface Rights Act, administers the Surface Rights Act on a day to day basis.  This Board: grants rights of entry onto the surface of the land to[…]

Urban Decisions

Updated May 27, 2015 (See Publications and 2015 Alberta Election pages) RESIDENTIAL AND OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT CAN CO-EXIST Urban Surface Rights Board Decisions    This page provides links below to various urban Surface Rights Board (“Board”) Decisions as well as decisions related to country residential development. Until recently, the Board had rendered relatively few urban[…]