February 22, 2020

Polluter Pay Federation

Polluter Pay Federation – A Property Rights Lobby

Dorin Management supports the formation of the proposed Polluter Pay Federation.  Mark Dorin is on the Temporary Steering Committee.

A new website provides information:   Click on the link:  polluterpayfederation.ca

Failures to Pay Landowners (and Municipal Taxes)

The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary published a document recommending changes to Section 36 of the Surface Rights Act.  Building on this document, Mark Dorin has authored a reply.  The reply document corrects inaccuracies and builds on the platform of suggested legislative (and other) changes suggested by the School of Public Policy.

LINK TO MARK DORIN’s REPLY (the School of Public Policy Document appended):  Property Rights Erosion Trends (Surface)

Section 36 pertains to so-called “Recovery of Rentals” (more accurately recovery of an unpaid rate of annual or other periodic – ongoing – compensation, normally but not always paid annually).

The School of Public Policy Document includes a graph provided below showing the (1) increasing number of applications to the Surface Rights Board by landowners requesting orders to compel the Director to pay them on behalf of defaulting operators; (2) the backlog at the Surface Rights Board of applications of this type; and (3) the dollar values involved.  The government is to try to recover amounts paid to landowners but is not doing so.

Polluters are not paying as required by Alberta law, and the government is complicit.