February 1, 2016

Our Actions

A primary focus is on unsafe tank battery operations conducted on insufficient surface areas. Oil and gas operators are required by law to enforce the provisions of applicable regulations governing necessary surface area. This has been overlooked by the Alberta Energy Regulator and the Alberta Surface Rights Board.

We are involved in actions in three main areas discussed below:

A new action:  Recommendation for the Alberta Energy Regulator to adopt Proposed Rules.  Rules and Related Reasons

First: An application to Alberta Occupational Health and Safety related to worker safety around oil tank batteries. A verbal complaint was filed. An application in writing will be filed forthwith and posted here.

Second: Ensuring rights of entry ordered without jurisdiction are retroactively rescinded, and retroactive compensation is awarded accordingly. If you have oil storage tanks on your land, we will obtain the retroactive compensation you are entitled to by law.

Third: A call for the Alberta Surface Rights Board to voluntarily place a moratorium on issuance of Right of Entry Orders, for tank, station, and structure activities. In particular where the Alberta Energy Regulator has specifically prohibited these surface activities (see presentation below).