February 22, 2020

Liability Management

This page is devoted to transparency in Government Liability Management Review Engagement 2017 sessions held in May and June of 2017.

Participants, including Mark Dorin and other ALDP members Regan Boychuk and Vern Bretin, spent six half-days discussing how the unfunded liabilities of the upstream oil and gas industry might be managed.  In short, participants other than those in industry essentially wasted their time:  The only thing that came from these efforts was something industry is free to do:  Area based closure.

Since 2017 the problems have worsened (see ALDP TAB).   Meaningful and workable solutions are required (see Polluter Pay Federation TAB).  It is reasonable to state that a handful of citizens have taken on at their sole cost what the Alberta Energy Regulator and successive Alberta governments were formed to do but have failed to achieve.  Put another way, the total failure of those entrusted to manage runaway oil and gas liabilities is scandalous and must be exposed.

Immediately below are the documents and presentations of various participants (industry, special interest groups, etc.).  Summarized, EVERYONE advocated for change, numerous changes were recommended, and not one change was implemented as a result.

Overview of the Sessions:

Liability Management Review Documents

5 – 15 Minute Perspective Presentations, Liability Management Participants

The Government Presentation was from the perspective of various flawed Alberta Energy Regulator Directives (001, 006, 011, and others) that facilitate circumvention of governing and prevailing provisions of various laws and regulations.

Perspectives on Liability Management