February 16, 2012

About Us

This website is concerned with:

  • Property rights and raising awareness related to systemic abuses of properly rights in Alberta related to energy activities (oil and gas activities and power transmission lines are the main offending activities).
  • Surface rights issues in Alberta.  We place significant focus on urban lands or lands subject to residential development, which matters are normally more complex compared to rural land cases .  The goal of the website is to endeavor to be both a resource for urban and rural landowners, and to promote discussion of, and changes to, Alberta surface rights legislation.
  • Reconsideration of allegedly flawed Surface Rights Board and oil and gas well, pipeline, and facilities licensing decisions and orders.
  • Promoting co-existence of oil and gas development and land development, particularly residential land development.
  • Unsafe, improperly licenced oil and gas operations, particularly in urban areas.  Oil tank batteries are some of the most offending operations in Alberta in our view.

This website is affiliated with:
Dorin Land and Oilfield Management Inc. (Dorin Management)
Head Office, 1602 15th Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta (office also in Edmonton)
Phone:  780 966-0840

Dorin Management is a proud member of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project (coalition).  The ALDP supports formation of the proposed Polluter Pay Federation, a new concept.  Alberta real property owners need a well-funded advocacy group, and certain property owners can ensure such advocacy is funded by the energy operators on their land.